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Coconut Shell Charcoal


  • Burning time: 1,5 hour
  • Length: 4,5 – 5cm
  • Diameter: 4,5cm
  • Moisture: <5%
  • Ash content: <10%
  • Sulfur: <0,05%
  • Carbon: <63%
  • Calorific: 5600 – 6700Kcal
  • MOQ: 01x20DC
  • Port of loading: Cat Lai port, Vietnam


Product Description

Coconut Shell Charcoal is one of another valuable resource which can create out of this magical tree. Coconut Shell Charcoal widely used as efficient industrial fuel and it’s also used for laundries and Blacksmithing and goldsmiths where the high rate of the head is required. Coconut Shell Charcoal is also best known for cooking fuel and most of the chefs use coconut charcoal as a fuel due to its pleasant smell. Since Coconut Shell Charcoal got the capacity to absorb molecular species it’s widely use for purification purposes also.

Additional Information


– High Heat
– High Density & Strength
– No Smoke – No Odour
– Low ash


Step 1: Collecting coconut shells
Workers buy coconut shells from the coconut production facilities of Ben Tre.
Step 2: Furnacing coconut shells
Collected coconut shells are put into the carbonisation furnace to carbonise them into Coconut shells charcoal (coconut shell charcoal ordinary) with natural size.
Step 3: Charcoal grinding
After taking out from the furnace, coconut shell charcoal is shaped of large pieces. This is called the “natural” size of coconut shells. Then it is grinded into the coconut shell charcoal powder.
Step 4: Formation of BBQ or Shisha charcoal
From charcoal powder, we blend with adhesives and add to the mould of BBQ or Shisha. Then, it is furnace one more time.

Factory areas

Ben Tre, Binh Duong

Main export markets

Japan, Korea and the Middle East